Birkenstock offers apprenticeships in a variety of roles – including some that you might not immediately associate with us. We usually advertise our apprenticeships after the summer vacation, but you are also welcome to submit an unsolicited application. Curious to know more? Click to continue!

Dual Degree Courses/Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Our dual degree courses (with alternating academic/practical blocks) last as long as an apprenticeship and combine a bachelor’s degree with practical experience. And if you perform well, there is no reason why you will not be offered a permanent position at the end of it.  Interested? Then click to continue...


You gain an insight into day-to-day working life – and we get to know you as a potential future apprentice, student, or employee. Sounds good, right? Find out about career options and what roles are available to you. Click to continue!


By doing your thesis at Birkenstock, you have an opportunity to develop processes or ideas that are then put straight into practice. Students who do their thesis at the company are frequently offered a permanent position afterward. Click to find out more.

Working Students

As a Working Student (m/f/non-binary), you will gain professional experience as you study and get a taste of your future role. In other words, a seamless – and well-paid – transition from academia to the world of work. Curious to know more? Click to continue....